Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd.

"ARMORTEX ®" is a brand registered in major countries by the Special Textile Department of Taiwan Namliong Industrial Co., Ltd., which develops a series of "ARMORTEX ®" products based on the tenet of “Reverence for Life” and “Environmental Protection”. It includes: abrasion resistant fabric, cut resistant fabric, reflective fabrics, stretchable fabrics, anti-chainsaw fabric, etc. The "ARMORTEX ®" brand-ARMOR means armor and defense, and its main purpose is to protect the person. Brand spirit is Namliong Group founder Dengbo Xiao president learned a few years ago that the potential factors of the external environment or the impact of the working environment may cause harm to personal safety, based on the social mission of " Reverence for Life." In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of these situations, Taiwan Namliong Special Textile Department has been looking for the latest technology and materials, and finally selected the Du Pont "Kevlar ®" fiber, after continuous negotiations with Du Pont company and elaborated its business philosophy, finally, Du Pont company was moved by its spirit, so it created the most high-end series of personal safety protection products.