Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd.

『ARMORTEX®』’sCut Resistant Fabric design,cut-resistant fabric is always been an important subject in the textile technology. In the past few years, the materials what we used from steel plate to stainless steel wire and finally evolve to chemical fiber. For the duration, the transition from steel plate to stainless steel wire extraction and weaving has resulted in a great deal of time and money spent by textile researchers and R & D teams. Furthermore, in order to pursue the fabric of lightweight, high strength, high cut-resistant, high abrasion-resistant,high impact-resistance and can better apply to textile technology, etc. The research scholars in textile industry begin to develop other chemical fiber, through unremitting efforts;“NOMEX and high molecular weight polyethylene fiber” had been research anddevelop. But, how can we widely use this excellent fiber in people essential items. In order to reflect the social mission of "Respect for Life" and the sense of honor upheld by the enterprise itself, the Taiwan NAM LIONG Group Special Textile Department devoted to develop cut-resistant fabrics. From weavingcut-resistant fabrics to knitted cut-resistant fabrics, the Special Textile Department of Taiwan NAM LIONG Group has great variety of goods for selections;it’s enable to meet all sectors of society’s needs.