Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd.

" ZEROMELTS®" is a brand registered in major countries by the Special Textile Department of Taiwan Namliong Industrial Co., Ltd., which develops a series of " ZEROMELTS®" products based on the tenet of “Reverence for Life” and “Environmental Protection”. It includes: Flame retardant fabric, aluminum composite fabrics, flame retardant special yarns, flame retardant functional ribbons, flame retardant protective finished-products, etc. "ZEROMELTS ®", is a zero droplet material which can resistant to high temperature, chemical, acid and alkali, and does not cause secondary injury to the person when exposed to flame, and it is suitable for high temperature operation, so it will effectively enhance personal safety. In search of this series of materials, Taiwan Namliong Industrial Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd. spent several years and efforts to find the fiber "KEVLAR ®", "NOMEX ®" produced by Du Pont in the United States and “Canecron®” produced by Kaneka in Osaka, Japan. Because of those special fibers and through a special process, we finally produced a series of high-level and high-quality flame retardant products.